Mastering JavaScript Single Page Application Development

My book, Mastering JavaScript Single Page Application Development, is now available in both eBook and Paperback format.

JavaScript was the bane of the web development industry during the early days of the browser-rendered Internet. It now powers hugely impactful libraries such as jQuery, and JavaScript-rendered content is even indexed by many search engines.

Not only is JavaScript now more prevalent than ever in frontend architecture, but it has become a server-side language as well, thanks to the Node.js runtime. We have also seen the proliferation of document-oriented databases, such as MongoDB, which store and return JSON data. With JavaScript present throughout the development stack, the door is now open for JavaScript developers to become full-stack developers without the need to learn a traditional server-side language. Given the right tools and know-how, any JavaScript developer can create single page applications comprised entirely of the language they know best.

For more, get Mastering JavaScript Single Page Application Development (Packt Publishing, 452 pages).